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The story about Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a city that has always been ‘open to the world’. Throughout our history we have embraced people and influences from outside, and through the ages the city has been developed with ideas and knowledge from around the world.

Gothenburg today

Gothenburg is the core and growth engine of the Gothenburg region and Region Västra Götaland. It is home to a variety of strong industries and Scandinavia’s largest port. Thus international contacts, new influences and new people are, and always have been, a strength for Gothenburg. Today 23% of the people living in Gothenburg were born outside of Sweden. The most common countries of origin are Iraq and Iran, followed by Finland, Bosnia & Hercegovina, the former Yugoslavia, Poland, Somalia, Turkey, China and Norway, and many other countries.

Sustainable city open to the World

The City of Gothenburg film in English, appx 3 min.


Foto: Beatrice Törnros

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Gothenburg first started being built in 1619 on the initiative of King Gustaf II Adolf.
In a growing city there are also often major differences between the haves and have-nots, and this is evident in Gothenburg too.
As Gothenburg grows, there are increasing demands on a long-term dialogue with residents to create a shared idea of how the city will develop.