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Living in Gothenburg

An open, multicultural and growing city

Gothenburg receives migrants from all over the world, and diversity among residents is greater than ever. In  2013 the population increased by 7,200, one of the highest figures of the last 40 years. 23% of the people  living in Gothenburg were born outside of Sweden. The most common countries of origin are Iraq and Iran,  followed by Finland, Bosnia & Hercegovina, the former Yugoslavia, Poland, Somalia, Turkey, China and Norway,  and many other countries. 

Reducing the gap between people from different walks of life and striving for greater equality in living  standards to create a more socially sustainable city is a focus area for the whole city, politicians and officials  alike. As Gothenburg grows, there are increasing demands on a long-term dialogue with citizens to create a  shared idea of how the city will develop. Collaboration with the business sector and other players is also  crucial. All of us who live and work in Gothenburg have a shared responsibility to contribute to a fairer, more  sustainable city and world – economically, socially and environmentally.   

In a growing city there are also often major differences between the haves and have-nots, and this is evident in Gothenburg too. For most people Gothenburg is a good city to live in – but the differences in people’s living standards are increasing. More and more people have a high level of education, a good job and income, and good health. At the same time, however, an increasing number of residents have little education, uncertain employment, high unemployment, low income and poor health.

Photo (grid): Ulf Bodin,

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