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Gothenburg - a center of the Scandinavian 8 Million City

3 countries, 4 metropolitan cities, including 2 capitals; this is The Scandinavian 8 Million City. 8 million of Scandinavias 19,3 million inhabitants live in the corridor between Oslo and Copenhagen with Gothenburg strategically located in the middle of a dynamic region. Gothenburg is active in the project 8 million city with the objective of promoting sustainable economic growth by reducing travel time, creating new arenas for business cooperation, stimulating closer academic cooperation and strengthening the marketing of the region as an attractive location. Find out more at 8 million city's website.

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Gothenburg is at the leading edge of sustainability issues, and is a role model with knowledge to share with other European cities.
The City of Gothenburg is member in more than 50 international organisations and networks.
The City of Gothenburg is a member of Delice, a network with the aim of marketing and enhancing the economic development of cities - through gastronomy.