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Facts & figures

Gothenburg is a port city with a strategic location between Oslo and Copenhagen. It has a population of around 533,000 and is Sweden’s second largest city. The Gothenburg region, which spans 13 municipalities in Greater Gothenburg, has a population of 1.1 million.

Strategic location

The Gothenburg region is right at the epicentre of Scandinavia and the Baltic States, and the gateway to a market of 190 million people. 70% of Scandinavia’s total industrial capacity is located within a 500-km radius of the Gothenburg region and 30% of Swedish foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg.


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Gothenburg is currently on the verge of a major development boom. The city is growing strongly to make space for 700,000 residents by the year 2035. That’s 150,000 more than at present. Such a change is noticeable, and it demands that we think sustainably.
Here we present information concerning our funding, risk management and our financial reports. The page is intended for those that are investors or work in banking/finance.
The city districts are large units from a Swedish municipality perspective.
50 000 people study in Gothenburg and here you can find two of the most popular universities in Sweden - the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers.
Hospitality is one of Sweden’s most important industries.
Gothenburg is currently home to around 750 different sectors.
In 2021 Gothenburg turns 400 years. Become a part of the celebration!