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Guiding principles for the future

A green, interconnected, open, vibrant city where it’s easy for people to move about, be visible and meet up. A city where there’s also room for flora and fauna, and eco-system services. A city we can pass on to future generations with pride. Ecological sustainability means we must not exhaust or destroy the climate and environment. Social sustainability means that society should exist for, and work for, all individuals. That no one is excluded on grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, faith, disability or anything else. In a socially sustainable city, everyone must be included. Economic sustainability refers to a dynamic business sector with room for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Photo (grid): Peter Svenson
Photo: Klas Eriksson

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Gothenburg is growing dramatically at the moment and is preparing to make space for almost 700,000 residents by the year 2035.
More than 50 000 students study in Gothenburg.
City of Gothenburg is the proud winner of the Access City Award 2014.