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People, students & jobs

23% of the people living in Gothenburg were born outside of Sweden. The most common countries of origin are Iraq and Iran, followed by Finland, Bosnia & Hercegovina, the former Yugoslavia, Poland, Somalia, Turkey, China and Norway, and many other countries.


In the past decade the city has enjoyed steady growth with a population increase of 55,000; the figure for the whole Gothenburg region is 125,000. In particular a lot of young people want to move here – the predominant group is young adults aged 20-27. During the same period more than 90,000 new jobs have been created in the Gothenburg region. This equates to 20% growth, which is more than in either Stockholm or Malmö region. One important goal for Gothenburg is to create a bigger labour market region, and strategies are currently focusing on a population of 1.75 million in the Gothenburg region by 2030.


50 000 people study in Gothenburg and here you can find two of the most popular universities in Sweden - the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. Find out more about studying in Gothenburg.


There are currently 315,894 jobs in Gothenburg. Gothenburg’s biggest employer is the City of Gothenburg authority. It employs a full 52,500 local people working in over 100 different professions in city districts, specialist  administrations and municipal companies. Their job is to create opportunities for a good life for all the city’s residents and to develop Gothenburg for the future.

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Gothenburg is currently on the verge of a major development boom. The city is growing strongly to make space for 700,000 residents by the year 2035. That’s 150,000 more than at present. Such a change is noticeable, and it demands that we think sustainably.
The city districts are large units from a Swedish municipality perspective.
Hospitality is one of Sweden’s most important industries.
Gothenburg is currently home to around 750 different sectors.
In 2021 Gothenburg turns 400 years. Become a part of the celebration!